Pro Waste Concepts Pvt. Ltd., is a for-profit social enterprise founded in 2013 which aims to address the critical issue of waste management. It proposes a holistic approach towards a decentralized smart integrated solid waste management system which is eco- friendly, financially viable and sustainable. Implementation of solid waste management requires a robust infrastructure, which involves segregation at source, reduction, collection, safe treatment, recycling and disposal of all categories of waste.

Why Pro Waste

Pro Waste addresses the problem of ill-managed waste disposal system by following a systematic approach. We incorporate technically sound, feasible and sustainable micro-level solutions in waste handling. We do not believe in deceptive cleaning where waste is swept out of sight.

We aim to challenge set norms, societal indifference and lethargy to collectively work towards rethinking and redefining waste. We formulate processes to initiate waste management bringing in maximum people participation for sustainable evolution of the practice, yielding optimized results.

Pro Waste is beyond just providing services; we are a “concept” and we believe in encouraging people to adopt efficient solid waste management practices. We set up processes at the ground level eventually creating “Zero Waste Zones” so that nothing goes to the landfills, facilitating maximum resource recovery from “waste”.

In the campuses where Pro Waste has implemented zero waste models, there is a significant impact on the cleanliness and the aesthetic sensibility of the community.

Services offered

  • Design system integration and infrastructure implementation for waste management.
  • Customized waste handling solutions.
  • Standard Operating Procedures(SOPs) to streamline waste handling.
  • Creating Zero Waste Zones and Waste Smart campuses.
  • Waste Audit and advice on waste disposal.
  • Awareness, Education and Training to change the mindset of people to handle their waste efficiently.